10 Top Wedding Photography Ideas


Bird-Eye View photos

For unique wedding photos, ask for drone pilots. This is a great way to take group photos of your guests as well as capture beautiful views of the ceremony site.

The Balcony

This idea for a wedding photo can be taken before or after the ceremony. If you want to take these photos at night, make sure to use additional lighting sources.

The Yacht

Take a few photos while you are boating. Sunset is the best time to do this.

Replicate the Beatles

Pedestrian crossings can be found everywhere. These can be used to create outdoor prop ideas for photo shoots. Recreate the Beatles album cover, but make sure you are accurate with cars.

Romance in the Garden

You can take some photos of your couple near trees, bushes, and flowers. Make sure to edit your wedding portraits using Lightroom (color corrections and cropping) or Photoshop (skin and background improvement).

Reflection at the Lake

Is there water nearby? Take cool photos of your wedding as if it were on water.

Take a walk in the forest

If the wedding is held in autumn, you can also walk through the forest. Your wedding photos will be enhanced by yellow leaves. Images will show amazing contrasts and beautiful nature.

Harry Potter and His Wedding

You can buy a few magic wands to cast spells together in a quiet room. This idea is perfect for Potter fans and can be a great highlight in any wedding album.

With your beloved pets

You should include your pet in your wedding photos if you have one. Because animals are an integral part of our lives. They can either rent a suit or you can just wear a bow-tie.


There are many accessories that can be used for affordable wedding photography. You have the option to buy a lot of balloons in different colors or just one type of balloon: a heart, a cartoon character or a variety of animals.

Freebies to Edit Wedding Photos

You will be able to take many photos after the wedding. You should also do good color correction.

Photoshop Action “Matte Effect”

This will give your photos a vintage look and soften the tones. The result is more artistic photos.

Lightroom Preset “Sunny Day”

This preset is great for photos taken in bright sunlight. This preset can soften photos and muffle bright colors.

Photoshop Action “Creamy”.

This makes wedding photos more warm and soft. This will correct any color distortions that may occur while you are shooting.

Lightroom Preset “Warm Filter”

This filter alters the shadows and highlights. This filter creates a clear image with great contrast. This is a great technique for outdoor photos and shots in low light. You will be impressed by the result.

Photoshop Overlay “Romantic Light”

This overlay can add a romantic, gentle bokeh to any photo.

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