We loved being a part of their love story. After being engaged for five years, they decided to take their time and enjoy every moment of the wedding journey more. The couple was meticulous and invited their closest friends and family to celebrate their union in August 2020.

“We have been engaged since 2015 and have been planning our wedding for years. All of our vendors were great to work with, and it was easy to coordinate when we had to push back our wedding date. Wedgewood Weddings is a company we are extremely grateful for. They created lasting memories.

We are so grateful that we were able, with the help of so many state regulations, to celebrate one of our most important milestones as a married couple with our closest friends and family.

Bailey and Zach have a lot of experience with long-term engagement planning. Both of you should feel comfortable sharing your feelings about planning, how it will turn out, and, most importantly, your vision for a wedding.

Zachary was enthusiastic and supportive when it came to planning our wedding. He was responsible for most of the communication, including with vendors and scouting. He read through all the contracts and proposals to make sure we understood everything. We were both the first generation to hold a wedding. This meant that we had to come up with our own ideas. We did exactly that.

Bailey and Zach loved every vendor they selected and were glad they made that decision. Their trip to Painted Primrose and their meeting with their team was one of their most memorable experiences.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to communicate my vision to Painted Primrose and to see possible decorations. Both of us enjoyed the opportunity to exchange ideas.

Many details added joy to the wedding day for the groom and bride, after so much planning and thought. They adored the Capstone Wedding Films and Love & Lens videographer services.

We were delighted with the small moments captured by both vendors and will treasure those memories for our entire lives. It was important for us to have professional photographers capture these moments, rather than relying upon family and friends taking photos with different filters. It’s also super blurry!

We were very passionate about the ability of our images to capture melanin. This is because darker skin tones have a negative impact on cinematography and photography. Both vendors were able to fulfill our request with excellence and we are grateful that they were able to accommodate our concerns.

Bailey and Zach loved Brittany Hill at Wedgewood Weddings as a couple. It was their dream venue, with its stunning location on a hilltop and the comprehensive wedding packages. Wedgewood Weddings was able to fulfill all of their wedding-wants.

The delicious oven-roasted salmon, the excellent DJ and the friendly team were some of their guests’ top moments. Wedgewood Weddings’ preferred entertainer DJ Maestro provided their entertainment throughout the ceremony. Untamed smiles also supplied a stunning photo booth.

It was a unique and pleasing choice for guests to wear neutral colors, such as brown, tan, or beige. Bailey and Zach had a vision for their wedding: a room filled with black professionals dressed in correlation, all with roots from across the country coming together to witness their union.

Bailey and Zach were so happy that they decided to host their wedding in 2020.

We entertained the idea of waiting to 2021 when we were first informed that our date had been pushed back because of restrictions. We realized that you can’t set a date for our relationship. Therefore, we decided to agree to move forward with 2020 if we were able to take precautions and follow guidelines.

Even though the world is experiencing some strange times right now, our union provides a source of fresh air and a safe refuge to gather with loved ones and look towards the future. We believe getting married in 2020 was extraordinary, like a rose that sprouts from concrete.