Jimmy Fallon and Nancy New Wedding Details


Nancy Juvonen, Jimmy Fallon’s spouse, has been making a comeback on The Tonight Show since her big March “debut”. Juvonen and Fallon practice social distancing together by filming their beloved late-night show from home (with help from their daughters Frances and Winnie). The new “Ask the Fallons” segment has been especially interesting because Juvonen (a producer) has always been Juvonen’s preferred interview subject.

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For the couple, wedding planning was stressful

Juvonen said that they got engaged after being together for over three years. “I had no choice but to immediately go into production on a film about He’s Just not That Into You… we’re making these lists after lists of people. I was like, “I don’t have the time.” After speaking with multiple vendors, they decided that a large domestic wedding was not the right style for them.

How they planned a wedding in less than a month

He had some rather surprising news. He said, “Richard’s first grandchild is going to be his daughter. He is so excited. Fallon stated that he was going to be there with her… during Christmas. “He goes. Richard’s a fan. He likes you so he’ll rent the island to you for two days.

The couple planned their wedding within a month. The couple, along with their family and friends, arrived on Necker Island December 21st 2007, and they were married the following day. We had 12 guests at our wedding. I did my best to get a dress made as quickly as possible. She said that we didn’t mind. “Some people are still mad but no aunts came… It’s so cool, everyone was so much fun. “The staff was amazing.”

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Nancy Enjoys Being Jimmy’s ‘Audience’

Juvonen was the first to publicly admit that she is her husband’s biggest fan and critic in March. Juvonen said, “I hate to admit that a pandemic was what got me on camera,” but she prefers behind-the scenes. She has helped Fallon film his evening segments. Frances and Winnie also provide graphics. “I believe that everyone needs an audience. There are some people who love to entertain people. I am more the audience. Because you don’t have anyone else in your household to interview, I’m here.

Jimmy and Nancy are Constantly with Their Children

They laughed together about their day and how their daughters would often climb in bed with them, so they could all get up together. Juvonen stated that although they don’t always start out with us at all, their daughters do sometimes crawl in with them at night, and we don’t kick them out. “And the dog–it is usually five of us!”

Jimmy Fallon is an unexpected romantic

Fallon presented Jovenen with a viewer question about whether she considered Fallon to be romantic. Fallon laughed and said, “Please give examples.”

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“I believe you are!” Juvonen replied, and Fallon sweetly declared, “You think you are!” It’s so cute!

Juvonen was quick to recall a recent example from her 50th birthday celebration a few years ago. The producer said that Fallon had given Juvonen 20 of her favorite albums on cassette tape. This eclectic mix included Cat Powers and Prince, Harry Neilson and The Cure. It was an amazing gift. Fallon then mentioned that he had left the boom box in the garage. Juvonen was tricked to go around the house and find her brother driving a VW bus.

For their marriage, social distancing has been a great idea

Fallon spoke out last week on Today about filming at home and how it has helped bring the family closer.

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He joked that “Social Distancing” is one thing but that he thought family distancing was the next step. Then he admitted that he and Juvonen are more in love than ever. “When me and my wife were speaking, we were like, “We actually like each others!” “We chose well!”