Must-See Documentaries for Christians


You have probably seen documentaries on topics you are interested in if you like watching dance moves.

These movies are an excellent genre as they offer information you won’t see in regular movies. Or, you could say they are books in visual form.

If you are a Christian and want to know more, the Christian documentaries can be very helpful. You don’t need to relate them directly, but you will still be able to learn a lesson from them.

These movies are easy to watch, and you’ll learn something new. There are also series you can watch that feature the same characters in a more detailed way.

If you are a Christian, this article will discuss the documentaries you should see this year.

The unheard realm

This movie shows everything, from our beginnings to the present, how we were created and how miraculous the forces of God were. You will find interesting scenes throughout the movie that will help you relax and learn something.

Interviews with prominent preachers are available that will explain how certain things were made possible by their knowledge. This movie can be discussed in church, or you can view it and comment on it if you have the conditions.


This movie is one of the best because it’s not preaching. It is more like a travel movie, where the main character visits locations that are involved in the story. He tells the story about how everything connects, which is quite interesting.

This is not a movie, but a series of tv shows that lasts more than a movie. Each episode features a visit to an important location and a photo of the entire time in the past.

The Riot and the Dance:Water

The serial’s second movie depicts water as an essential element. However, it is also scary. This is a more biological documentary about animals living in a system as seen through the eyes of our creator.

Many places are filmed that show different systems with different animals and how they function. This can be viewed alone or with family members, friends, or together. You can also debate the results to learn more about what others have learned.

Christ is Tortured

This movie shows the pain of someone who was interrogated and then locked up in prison in his final years. It’s a difficult film due to its darker themes, but it offers a valuable lesson.

Filmed in Romania, the movie was shot in the exact same location where a preacher was tortured. This film is a glimpse into the past and should be seen by everyone, even though it has darker themes.

The God who speaks

This movie is for everyone looking for answers or who is skeptical.

This book provides both new and old information that answers many questions. It is basically referred to us, whether we are able to understand if God is sending a sign or if he is speaking at us.

This movie features conversations with religious leaders and preachers who explain these things and answer these questions.

Baseball, Dennis & The French

This movie shows Esti Prager, a real person who loves French movies and has been an activist all his life. He uses baseball to show all of it visually.

He is no longer a believer in miracles or paranormal, but he has become a Christian and attends church every week. It’s a huge change for all of us.

This conversation was initiated by a media figure who preaches the religion. Our main character listens to him for quite some time before making the decision to do it. This movie is available to view.

Free Burma Rangers

Although it might not seem like a Christian movie, it is. This documentary is about two soldiers who are sent to the most dangerous places in the middle East.

They are missionary people who are sent on a mission. They bring their child along, and everyone thinks they are stupid for bringing him.

This film can be used to spark a lively discussion about whether or not religious people should fight in battles. Also, is it permissible for them to shoot at other people?

They are seen praying and charging at their enemies, with every shot missing them. This film is for those who are interested in learning more about the religion and want to discuss it.


This topic is covered in many films. You will also find some amazing films that aren’t on this list. You will discover others if you dig deeper into this genre of film.

These movies are great and worth your time. These movies are not ranked in order of worst to best or vice versa. You can choose any movie you want and still make a great decision.