Meet the Cast of the Next Big Wedding Series


What happens when Queer Eye meets Weddings? Say I Do is the next big reality series from Netflix. The central cast includes Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini as interior designers. They work together to help couples create their perfect weddings in a matter of weeks.

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Brent tells The Knot that it was intense planning a wedding. These were real weddings, our smallest was 70 guests. My biggest lesson–and Say I Do is the best–is that it’s the first show about love.

Each episode of this limited-edition, unscripted series shows a portrait of the couple, their pasts, relationship stories, and how they came to be married. Bertaccini said, “We started doing big productions starting from the beginning.” “Weddings are a love story – and I know Thai agrees. It’s all about the love. No matter what craft we’re in, it’s all about translating the love story through the work.

What makes weddings special?

As each cast member interacts with couples, viewers will learn more about them. Bertaccini says, “What I was not prepared for and what I saw was how emotionally invested each of us became in the love stories that we were part.” “That allowed us to share our stories. Now, I think there is something I can do to help weddings go better. Being available to hear the stories of couples and being emotionally involved in them.

Nguyen is not surprised, given his specialized work. He says, “The wedding dress is more than a mere gown. It’s a symbol for their love and their stories.” “What has their story been? It’s why I love to create. It’s how I tell stories.

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Netflix and the production company set up an atelier for Nguyen. He now refers to it as his “home and my playground.” This is where Nguyen crafts custom-made pieces for brides and other stars, whether they are stepping on the red carpet at premieres or Oscars. He laughs and says, “I get the chance to play with beautiful things such as fabric, lace and beading.” It’s a wonderful thing that I can do it every day, and I will continue to do it until my death.”

How to prioritize wedding planning

The fact that the three parties had only a week to plan a wedding meant that each had their own takeaways on what message was true at the end of the season. Bertaccini says, “It’s all about simplicity.” “I find simplicity and authenticity more appealing as I age. While authenticity can have many different meanings, I believe authenticity is best defined as what you feel authentically. Be vulnerable, and find joy in the moments you create.

Bertaccini discusses his speciality as a chef and how food and weddings are closely related. He emphasizes that you shouldn’t eat the food you don’t need. “Have food you love and that connects you to other moments in your life… The wedding is the clearest snapshot of the love story.”

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What to Do During COVID-19

While the show was filmed in small towns across the country it did not anticipate the arrival a pandemic that would affect countless COVID couples. Despite all the uncertainties and circumstances, the three have found many silver linings despite the fact that the coronavirus has halted their wedding plans and other projects.

Bertaccini says, “The silver lining” is that the allowance allows the couple to remember why it’s important for them to do what they do. We’re returning to a simpler and more authentic time, and I tell couples that it’s a win for all. The guest list gives you an additional eight months to make any changes. You can make a menu that reflects your love story. Let’s get back to the basics of marriage. This is a way to show people that we can be loved and to love.

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Brent agrees “We are getting back to basics in many ways with how our connections.” This foundation opens up the possibility for greater personalization. This is your chance to be imaginative. Nguyen suggests that you do something you didn’t know you could. Be creative and create a Zoom Wedding. Show your love. This is the perfect time to show your love and support one another.