Top Packaging Design Trends for 2022


Packaging can sell goods. This is something we all know. This year brings many innovative and original ideas to packaging design. We are not surprised to see new packaging designs that combine colors, shapes and materials. Some old trends like personalized packaging are not going away. We present the top 2022 packaging design trends.

Packaging is often the reason for buying

The primary role of packaging is to protect the product. Packaging can be used to market products and increase sales. Packaging is a way to introduce manufacturers to the product on the market. The packaging’s appearance and design can have a significant impact on customer behavior. Marketing and positioning the product on the market are two important aspects of design.

Packaging of a product can facilitate physical contact between customers and product. The packaging is what the customer sees and decides whether or not to purchase a product.

Packaging As A Challenge For Designers

There is a lot competition in today’s market, not just for products but also for packaging. Before you can even think about a design, it is important to look at the product. Designers face the challenge of convincing customers to choose from a variety of products from different manufacturers.

Which Packaging Attracts Customers the Most?

A typical consumer will go to the store and purchase what he likes. A product’s ability to hold the consumer’s interest for only a few seconds is what will make it stand out. This means that packaging should convey a message to the customer that motivates them to purchase a product within a very short time.

We can only use the basic visual information of text, image and color. The materials used to make the packaging are also important. Design trends have certainly changed over the years. We have seen new and exciting trends in the last decade. We can also see some of the old trends returning this year, although they have been slightly updated. These are the top 2022 packaging design trends.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Minimalism is a popular trend that’s still in fashion. More brands seem to be adopting it, and are working on improving it. Minimalalism is now a more prominent trend. Everything that is unnecessary is removed from packaging design. The only thing that remains is a simple, clear form that speaks for it self. In this instance, typography or bright colors are even more prominent. Personalized text is also an option.

This design trend is exemplified by personalized boxes.

They can also help you to reshape your company. This design trick works regardless of whether you are printing your logo on a box with an unusual shape or if you’re accompanied by a brand that has a unique slogan. This is a proven method to sell your product well. Customers love it when you address them.

Bright colors and transitions

Bright color transitions are a huge hit with both designers and consumers. Designers can create something completely new by using color combinations.

Transitions not only create depth, but also make it easy to display digital formats and displays. There are many great examples of neon packaging that uses transitions and bright combinations.

These design solutions have evolved from being an everyday detail to become the “main motif” of packaging. This design is now a crucial part of many products’ packaging solutions.

Packaging in Black and White

This classic piece is timeless and never goes out of style. You might think that it is boring or too simple. The biggest challenge in creating a strong design is reducing the palette to two colors.

Combining these two colors can create a dynamic effect that is endlessly inspiring for designers. Black and white can create illusions by combining two elements of a design. Sometimes, they work better than bright colors.

Bright colors can have the opposite effect. You can’t go wrong with a black-and-white combination.

You can choose from neutral and organic colors

Most people will only think of beige when it comes to organic color palettes. Designers know better. Designers will combine everything, from pale pink to the color of an apricot, to green, chocolate, or cream shades.

These natural colors are becoming very popular in design, not only for packaging, but also for fashion. We are seeing more neutral packaging. It is evident that designers use neutral colors like brown, beige and cream to create a gentle, eye-catching design. These combinations give consumers a sense of serenity and comfort when they pick up their favorite products.

Packaging inspired by fine arts

Packaging can be an art form. Inspiration from the great paintings of great artists inspires designers to use the same motifs and colors as the famous paintings. This detail will appeal to customers, especially if they are artistic. You can save your wine bottle by using such a motive to create a small piece of art on the glass.

Vintage Inspiration

This retro trend is a popular design choice for many years and will likely not change. This is especially true when designing packaging for food and drinks. This trend attracts people because it evokes a sense of luxury, tradition, authenticity. They choose vintage fonts and handwritten letters for their product packaging.

The bottom line

Let the experts create the best design solution for you. Packaging is an important part of your brand. It can tell the story about your product.