A Birthday Proposal: The Pros and Con’s


There are some things you need to do once you’re ready for your partner to propose. First, you will need to buy an engagement ring. Next, you will need to plan your proposal. This includes deciding when and where you’ll propose. You might be able to see the dates on your calendar and ask yourself the question, “Should I propose on my girlfriend’s birthday?” This scenario comes with many pros and cons. We asked one wedding planner for his opinion. These points will help determine if a birthday propose is right for you.

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Pro: There is an element of surprise.

Hollis starks, a wedding planner and owner of HollisStarks & Company, is a fan of the idea of a birthday engagement. She says that a birthday proposal would increase the surprise factor. The groom will have more flexibility to plan a surprise proposal by allowing the bride to be to keep it secret on her birthday.

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Con: Some women hate celebrating their birthdays.

Some people celebrate their birthdays with extravagant outfits and delicious desserts. Others enjoy celebrating by hosting parties. Some people may be afraid of turning another year older. You should save the proposal for later if your girlfriend is negative about her birthday. You want your girlfriend to be happy before you say “yes!”

Pro: You are likely already planning to celebrate your loved ones’ birthdays.

Women often celebrate their birthdays with friends and family. Planning a proposal that coincides with her special day allows you to invite the people who matter to you. Without her being suspicious, you can organize a spa day or fancy dinner for her and her closest friends.

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Con: The one event is likely to overshadow the other.

Engagement is a significant milestone and can often overshadow birthday celebrations. Avoid this by focusing on her birthday in addition to the engagement. Also, make sure to wish her “happy Birthday” and give her something unrelated to the engagement. Starks says, “I wouldn’t recommend using the engagement ring or proposal as a birthday present.” You should always think about your partner. Some women won’t enjoy sharing their birthdays with their engagement dates. If you feel that this is the case, then pop the question on another day.

Pro: The proposal can be made unique in many ways.

Starks says that there are many options for the actual proposal. She loves the idea of including the proposal in her birthday celebrations. You could slide a ring onto an illuminating candle on a cake, or write ‘Will your marry me?’ In a blank birthday card.

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Con: It might not be the best timing.

Your plans may fall apart if you want to propose on the bride’s birthday, but it falls on a busy weekday. You can propose on the birthday of the bride, but not on her actual birth date. For example, organize a surprise birthday-dinner-turned-engagement-party the weekend before, then pop the question after. A groom can also propose on his birthday. This will be sure to surprise her. Whatever the date, ensure that the proposal is authentic, romantic, and memorable. Most brides will be delighted regardless!