Best Chic Lab-Grown “Diamond Jewelry” Pieces


You might want to accessorize with diamond jewelry on your big day. Perhaps you are looking for statement pieces that can be passed down through the generations. Or maybe you’re looking for timeless pieces that will add sparkle but not overshadow your gown. If that is not you, maybe something simpler that enhances your bridal style might be more your style. Lab-grown diamond jewelry can be whatever you’re looking for.

These stunning diamonds are just as impressive as their natural counterparts. They are lab-grown diamonds, which is what makes them different from natural diamonds. The popularity of lab-grown diamonds has increased, especially when it comes to wedding jewellery. There are many styles, shapes and colors available, including rare hues. Their affordability and sustainability are their greatest selling points. Many lab-grown diamonds have a lower carbon footprint than Earth-grown ones, making them more sustainable. They are also less expensive than traditional mining and can be used to make diamond jewelry.

We share the top lab-grown jewelry pieces, from statement necklaces to engagement rings, with you.

Most popular:

Clean Origin Quiet Beauty Oval Ring

The more customizable the engagement rings online, you will be able to choose from a variety of options. This design is simple and looks great with more trendy stackable bands. The metal can be customized with many options including 14K, yellow, and rose, as well as 18K and yellow golden fast travel and platinum.

Clean Origin Enchanted Diamond Jewelry Studs

We love these classic diamond jewelry stud earrings. They are an essential piece of jewelry. A cluster of round diamonds gives the earrings a stylish and subtle look. It would be great paired with a statement necklace. These stunning stud earrings are available in 14K white and 14K golden wedding centerpieces. They can be worn on the aisle, honeymoon, or happily ever after.

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Clean Origin Starburst Diamond Pendant

A pendant necklace adds sophistication and simplicity to a bridal look. This one is a great take on the traditional pendant design, but adds some spice and personality with its starburst pattern. This starburst pendant features 17 Lab-Grown Diamond jewelry. It is available in 14K gold, 14K yellow, and 14K gold rose gold.

VRAI Round Tennis Diamond Jewelry Bracelet

These classic statement pieces are perfect for everyday wear after the wedding. This tennis bracelet is a great investment piece. We love its elegant design and timeless feel. Its eco-friendly design makes it stand out and is why we love it so much. Each bracelet is handmade using recycled golden weiner dog and sustainable lab grown diamond jewelry with zero carbon footprint.

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