My mom informed me that she wanted to “staycation” in Metro Manila with her whole family a few days prior to the long weekend (Oct 29,-Nov 1,). So I started looking for a place to stay and found Microtel by Wyndham mall of Asia on one of my blogs. It’s a name I know well as we booked Microtel by Wyndham Boracay in December. I also learned that they have franchises all over the globe.

Microtel Moi

There are many reviews online about this hotel that I have read, so I decided to book through Agoda. A standard non-smoking room, with 2 queen beds and a tax and service fee of P3,499 was all I needed for an overnight stay between October 30th to 31. Even though I booked the room a day before check-in, it was still available at that price. However, I recommend to anyone looking to book this room at a discounted price to book several weeks or months in advance. This is when you can get promos and other discounts.

You’ll notice the hotel immediately upon arrival. It looks brand new. It may also have something to do the fact that the lot to its side is just a bunch of rubble and other junk.

We were greeted by a lot of people as we entered the lobby. However, we had to wait only a few minutes to be checked in and given our access card to our rooms. As I waited in line to get my turn, I learned that there is a deposit fee for guests who have not made reservations. I walked in anyway as I wasn’t asked and was told that I could pay the full amount at check-out.

We rented a room on the 5th Floor. I noticed immediately that water and ice dispensers are located near the elevator.


The beautiful view from the window caught my eye as soon as I entered the room. As it overlooks the bay and the ferris wheel, we wanted to be able to book a room at the front of the hotel. I loved the beautiful view and the comfort of the window seat. It was perfect for reading. If the outside light is not enough, there are 2 lamps that you can turn on.

Two queen-sized beds with three large microtel pillows and thick blankets are provided for cold or rainy days. Your house slippers are recommended as the floor can become very cold due to the air conditioner. You can turn the lights on and off by placing a switch between the beds.

A small wooden table is located between the beds. It has a phone that you can use for assistance to the operator and the front desk. If you wish to make an outgoing call, there is a charge of P15. The electric socket is ideal for charging smartphones and other gadgets.

You can use an ice bucket, a pitcher and two microtel glasses. They are refillable in the dispensers at any time. You can call the operator to order extra utensils such as plates, spoons and forks. They’ll deliver it in no time. A small hamper is available for clothes, and there’s also a small fridge.

The fact that nearly every area of the room has its own lighting system and is close to electric sockets was a great feature. Even the wardrobe and vanity table have one. Their room service is available in the lobby. They also offer in-room massages for a small fee. We chose not to, as they were very expensive. You can also enjoy the flat-screen TV with cable channels throughout your stay.

The bathroom was clean and spacious. You get towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and shampoo for free. A hair dryer is located near the sink. To keep the floor dry, they also had rugs.

Rooftop Microtel 

After a restful night in our rooms, microtel took us upstairs to see the rooftop. We were blown away by its beauty. The brightness of the entire area will be the first thing that you notice when you arrive at the location. The entire area, from the floor to walls and columns, is painted white. This creates a relaxed atmosphere. The tables and chairs allow guests to relax on a lazy afternoon while they eat their meals. With the backdrop of a perfectly blue sky and white columns, it’s the perfect spot to capture your Instagram-worthy photos.