Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s Marriage is All About Activism


At the time of the interview, anti-Asian sentiment had already begun to percolate across the country. There was also a rise in hate crime against the AAPI community. Six Asian women were murdered by a gunman in three spas in Atlanta on March 16, 2021. This incident left those of Asian descent devastated. A 65-year old Asian woman was assaulted outside an apartment building in Manhattan two weeks later. The building’s guards witnessed the attack but did not intervene. The attacker fled the building and left the victim alone on the sidewalk.

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Jeezy and Jeannie Mai feel the violence is very personal to them, particularly in their relationship as an interracial couple. Mai is a Vietnamese-American woman, and Jeezy is Black. When creating a story, editors must provide a complete view. In the case of weddings we need to understand what drives each couple’s love story. We had much more to talk about identity, culture, activism, which are all important to Mai and Jeezy’s future together. Mai tells The Knot that it’s not just recent events that have made me more aware of our different cultures. Jeezy’s life, including his struggles, upbringing and position in this white-centric nation, is a learning curve. Our love lies in our mutual discovery of our identities and our shared experiences.

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Jeannie Mai’s and Jeezy’s Wedding Registry

The couple created a charity registry on The Knot to support Stop Asian Hate. This umbrella organization provides funds for Asian-owned businesses as well as foundations. Their goal is to use the platform to aid the underrepresented in times of crisis in America. Mai says that over the past year, Asian Americans have posted and tweeted to seek help. Violent attacks on members of the AAPI community have increased 150% since 2020 with 68% of them being Asian-American women. Here are a few immediate options to help the problem: Donate to The funds are distributed to approved fundraisers in order to support and uplift individual families and businesses within the AAPI community.

Mai believes that self-reflection is important as well as education. Mai says, “It is no longer sufficient to simply say, “I’m not racist.” She continues, “We must be anti-racist. That’s hard.” “Anti-racism requires us to look at our daily routines, our communities, and our families. We must eliminate even the things that brought joy as children so that the next generation is healthier, stronger, and not racist.”

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Jeannie and Jeezy’s wedding

They were married in a backyard ceremony at their Georgia home on March 27. Mai posted on Instagram, “You will always be my ‘I Do.'” “Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins.”

Denis Reggie was a renowned photographer who captured the iconic Cumberland Island wedding of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. Galia Lahav, a luxury bridal designer, designed the strapless gown with a lace bodice and embroidered bodice.

Mai said that “Becoming Mrs. Jeannie Mai Kinsen is the best thing I have ever done” in an exclusive interview with The Knot.

Jeannie Mai’s and Jeezy’s Engagement

The ongoing COVID-19 contamination has led to mass quarantines all over the globe, so the rapper was unable to propose. Jeezy, a philanthropist as well, originally planned to propose in Vietnam during their April trip. He asked Mai to marry him during a date night at their Los Angeles home during the 2020 COVID outbreak. Mai was surprised when he brought Vietnam into their home.

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Jeezy proposed to Jeezy with a marquise-diamond ring with emerald accents. The ring measures approximately four to five carats and is set on a platinum band with emerald accents.