The Best Gifts for Mother Of The Bride and Mother Of The Groom


Are you unsure what gift to give your mother-in law? It doesn’t matter if it’s Mother’s Day, or just to say thank-you on your wedding day; finding the perfect gift can be difficult. We love Bridal Musings because we love gift shopping.

Don’t panic. Although you may feel that you don’t have enough information about the gift options for the mother of bride or mother-in-law, we can offer some advice. These gifts are very similar to what we recommend for brides. This means that women of all ages love the same gifts. This should also give you some comfort knowing that your mother-in law (if you are the bride) and you have more in common!

Second, you can choose to give one gift together. You are a team, as we explain in our Newly Engaged Holiday Survival Guide. Gifts can be given as a couple rather than just one from you. If you are shopping for a gift for your wedding day, a small gift from you can make a great bridge to friendship!

If you find yourself wondering if these gifts are her style, that’s okay. There are many experiential gifts that can be given and enjoyed. If I don’t know the giftee well, I avoid decorating their homes or filling their closets with clothes.

These are the best holiday and wedding gifts for either the mother of the bride, or the mother of her groom.

1. Spa Days & Lavish Beauty Products

It’s something we have said in our bridal gift guide and in our gift guide for bridal shower: Spa treatments & fancy makeup products are some of the most loved, universally appreciated gifts you can give to gals. This applies to moms too!

To thank your future MIL for all her help with wedding planning, treat her to a spa day. This could be a way to say, “I got the wedding plan, you relax and have fun!” Massages, body scrubs and mani & pedis are thoughtful gifts that mothers can give to help them through stressful times and prepare for the big day.

2. Jewellery

Jewelry gifts can be passed down through generations. There is no woman I know who doesn’t appreciate the sparkle and sentiment of a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

You’re likely to have an idea of the jewelry style of your future mother-in law if you’ve ever spent time with her. Perhaps she is more refined or sparkly. Do you see her wearing lots of gold or funky beads. It’s hard to go wrong if you only have the slightest idea of what style you want. A jewelry gift is always unique.

3. Flowers

You’ve seen the expression on someone’s face when they receive flowers at their door. It’s always a win for gift-giving!

Urban Stems is a flower delivery service that we have raved about before. They deliver beautiful bouquets that go beyond what you would find in a grocery store. These flowers can be shipped overnight, but they aren’t just flowers. Urban Stems works directly with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in order to provide a more sustainable approach to florals.

Afloral also offers silk and dried flowers that are long-lasting. Mix and match dried flowers & faux flowers in a beautiful container to create an arrangement that will last forever. If your mother-in-law or mother-in law is a florist pro, you can use beautiful tools such as pin frogs and snips to create an arrangement that will never wilt.

4. Fine Foods, Ingredients & Spices

You want a gift that will not take up too much space in your re-gifting cupboard? Food gifts are a great way to spoil someone, without taking the “Now I have it forever” risk.

You can gift your mom a box of baking chocolate, high-quality Tahitian vanilla, rosewater and orange blossom, whole nuts, and organic cinnamon sticks if she is an avid baker.

It’s easy for the savory chef to indulge in oils, vinegars, and spices that are not included on her regular grocery list. For the chef, local infused olive oils are a wonderful gift. You can also fill her cabinet with some of the most sought-after spices in the world: Aleppo pepper, saffron and the queen of spices, cardamom.

Maybe she isn’t a chef but still loves food. Give her the gift that she doesn’t have to cook. Williams Sonoma offers luxury food gifts beyond your pantry staples. You can shop charcuterie boards and appetizers, caviar, and even protein like smoked salmon, roasted turkey, and whole cooked King crab!

5. Subscribe to her Hobbies

What about giving your future mother-in law a monthly reminder that you care? You can find a subscription gift that suits almost every interest and hobby these days.

6. Her favorite wine

If you sign her up for a wine club, this information could be included in our fine foods section. Wine is a wonderful gift, and it should be given its own category.

You can know the favorite wine of your future MIL or mom. Order online to ship it or visit a wine shop close by her home to pick it up.

Here’s a tip: Champagne is her preferred wine. I don’t mean any sparkling wine, like Prosecco and the like (that’s not Champagne). Champagne is a French sparkling wine made only in Champagne. It’s simply the best.

Favorites are my favorites (have I mentioned that I used to work in a wine shop? are Vouette et Sorbee, Pierre Peters, Bereche et Fils & Agrapart. All of the above are Grower Champagnes. You can ask your local wine shop to order a Grower Champagne. They will give you the best bottles and wine-knowledge credentials.