7 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Cake


7 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Cake

While planning a wedding can be stressful, there are also some enjoyable aspects. Wedding cake tasting is one of our favourite parts of wedding planning. You can taste the many delicious desserts available, and you get to choose the one that will be served at your wedding reception. Even though it’s fun and delicious, selecting the right wedding cake can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Here are seven ways to choose the right wedding cake.

Choose a style

Because the wedding cake is one among the oldest traditions of weddings, there are many designs and styles to choose from. The traditional wedding cake has a multi-tiered top, frosting, and fondant flowers. This is a great design for those who prefer the traditional. Maybe you prefer square tiers over round. You might prefer individual, mini-sized cakes instead of one large cake. Many desserts are being used to make wedding cakes, including cupcakes. Once you have chosen the type of wedding cake that you prefer, you are ready to start.

Take a look at the design

It is becoming a common trend to match the design of your wedding cake to the overall theme or color scheme. A fun addition to a beachfront wedding is anchors and seastars. You can also have your cake lined in the colors of your wedding. This is a lovely and elegant way to make a traditional cake. The wedding cake is your chance to express yourself and your partner’s creativity. Take a look at wedding magazines and websites like Pinterest for ideas.

Give yourself enough time

The ideal time frame to plan the cake is usually three to six month before the wedding. Give yourself enough time for brainstorming and shopping around for different bakery options. It is best to allow yourself extra time when you plan on having your wedding in the “wedding season”, which is spring/summer. This is because they are highly sought-after and can be booked up for the exact time period you require. It is not worth the stress of rushing to order the cake and putting off the big day.

Determine the size

You will need a particular size cake depending on how many people you have attending your reception. Although the five-tiered cake sounds like it belongs in a fairytale, it would not be appropriate for a intimate wedding with 50 guests. Consider the size and style of your wedding guests.

Make a budget

You should be realistic about what you can afford and how much money you will spend on a cake for your wedding. Compare prices between different vendors to determine the average cost of a cake with your desired style, size, or design. Also, ask the vendors what a normal size slice of cake is. If they are much larger than yours, you may be able save money and order a smaller one. You can make adjustments to the price of the cake that you don’t want to buy if the price is too high. Are you really going to need the fifth tier of cake, custom-made sugar roses or lavender frosting? Ask the bakeries and cake sellers for an estimate of what a reasonable price is for your dream cake.

Try the cake

This is the best part, the cake tasting! Although you probably know how the cake will look on the outside, it’s important to know what the inside tastes like. Pick the flavor that you and/or your partner enjoy for the cake as well as the icing. Try all of the flavors. It’s not necessary to choose one flavor.

Choose a bakery/vendor

Once you’ve had a chance to taste all the cakes and decided on the price range, style, size and design of each one, it’s now time to select a cake or bakery vendor. After all the consulting and tasting with different vendors, you should have found one that met your needs and would be a good fit for you and your other vendors. You can continue shopping until you find one that meets your criteria.