10 Best Wedding Photography Ideas


Bird-Eye Photos

Ask for drone-equipped photographers to take unique Wedding Photography. This is a great way for group photos and to capture stunning views close to the venue of your wedding ceremony.

The Balcony

This photo idea is great for weddings. It can be taken both before and after the ceremony. You can use additional light sources to capture these types of photos at night.

The Yacht

Go boating, and snap a few photos with the Titanic’s nose on your water transport. Sunset is the best hour to do that.

Replicate the Beatles

Pedestrian crossings are all around. You can use them to make outdoor photo props. You can copy the Beatles’ album cover by using cars, but you should be exact.

Romance in a Garden

A couple photo near the trees, flowers and bushes. Lightroom (color adjustment and cropping), and Photoshop (skin correction and background improvement) are two great places to take photos of your wedding portraits.

Reflection on the Lake

Is there a lake nearby or water? Cool wedding photos can be taken as if you are walking on water.

Walking in the Forest

If your wedding is in autumn, you may also be able to walk in the forest. Wedding photos with yellow leaves will have a special atmosphere. Amazing color contrasts will create stunning images that capture the beauty of nature.

Harry Potter and His Wedding

Buy a few magic wands for your groom and have fun casting spells in a calm room. This is a great idea for Potter-lovers and can make a memorable highlight of your wedding album.

With beloved pets

It is a good idea to include your pet in your wedding photographs if you have it. Animals are an important part our lives. You can rent a suit to them, or simply put on a bow tie.

With balloons

You can find many accessories for affordable wedding photography. You can either buy lots of different balloons or choose a specific form such as a heart, cartoon characters, or animals.

Freebies for editing wedding photos

After the wedding, I’m sure you will have many photos taken by your own. This is why color correction is so important.

Photoshop Action “Matte Effect”

This action will add a vintage feel to your images and bring out the muted tones. This will make your photos look more artistic.

Lightroom Preset, “Sunny Day”.

This preset can be used for photos taken on sunny days. It can soften them while muting bright colors.

Photoshop Action “Creamy”.

This action makes wedding photographs warmer and more natural. It can also fix any color distortions caused by shooting.

Lightroom Preset “Warm Filter”

This filter changes the highlights and shadows. You get a clear and sharp image with excellent contrast. It is great for outdoor shots and photos taken in low lighting conditions. It will amaze you.

Photoshop Overlay “Romantic Light”

This overlay will give your photos a unique look with a soft and romantic bokeh.

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