Ten Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping


Ten Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Coco Wedding Venues is a popular blog feature. We are proud to share advice on various aspects of your wedding. These include the venue search (obvs), planning schedules, and tips for creating the perfect wedding brunch.

Today, however, I am so happy to offer some practical and pretty advice to those who are about to embark on the adventure of finding the perfect wedding dress!

This is a huge moment. These are the best tips Laura has to offer for Perfect Day Bride, a boutique located in Bradford on Avon, a chocolate-box Wiltshire town.


It’s funny that anyone would need tips to help them shop for wedding dresses. But bridal commerce is very different than just walking into Topshop and changing in 5 minutes. It’s not common for us to wear what is effectively ball gowns in modern society. Therefore, it’s our job to help brides-to be slow down, take some time to enjoy the process.

This is your chance to make a significant investment in a wedding dress. We hope you enjoy it and do it well. These are some of the things that we recommend to make your wedding dress shopping a success.

TIP # 1 Research your shopping destination

It is tempting to go to every bridal shop within a 150-mile radius, and try on every single wedding dress. This is madness, and it will get you the nickname Muriel.

You need to maximize your shopping time and be strategic about where you shop. Do you prefer private consultations, or would you be okay sharing the shop floor? Are you looking for somewhere near your venue to make it easier to pick up your gown on the way to the wedding? Or somewhere closer to home so you can fit your fittings around your schedule. Is the shop that you are interested in stocking the type of wedding dress you want?

TIP # 2 Do designers matter

Once upon a time, all engaged girls would say was “I must have a Vera Wang Wedding Dress!” However, most brides realize that no one will know (or care) about the dress they are wearing as they walk down the aisle.

Designers work hard to build a good reputation. If you are in love with a brand, ensure you shop at a store that stocks their collections. Although it may seem obvious, not all boutiques stock every designer of wedding dresses.

TIP #3 Wear the right underwear

This is not the right time to pull out the jeans from the bottom of the drawer, where the elastic has been removed. Your underwear should be as close as possible to the clothes you will wear on the big day. This will impact how the dress fits on top. It’s a bad idea to wear neon lingerie or black underwear. If you feel more confident, choose neutral colors and shape-supporting underwear. You might consider taking a strapless bra with you if the dress you are in love requires more support.

TIP #4 Leave the entourage at your home

This blog post explains why too many people are dragging you along when you shop for wedding dresses. Although you may think it’s a fun day for your mum, bridesmaids and extended family members, the reality is that you will end up depressed and possibly on the brink of suicide.

We recommend that you only bring one to maximum two trusted voices. You will lose the ability to hear what you think.

TIP #5 Be open about your budget

Some brides feel they must be strict about the amount they spend on their wedding dresses. We don’t know if this is because they want to be able to afford expensive gowns, but we do know that we can help you.

You wouldn’t pretend to be a size 8, if you were a 14-inch size, so it’s not a good idea to pretend that you have a budget of 10k if your real number is closer to PS1,000.

TIP # 6 Don’t be afraid to try a little bit of everything

This advice is probably familiar to you. However, even if your heart is set on one style, it’s a good idea to try other styles at your first appointment. You will be able to eliminate the things that you don’t like, and you might be surprised at what you like. Keep an open mind, and you will make great sartorial decisions.

TIP # 7 Consider context

What time and where are you getting married. What will your bridesmaids wear.. What color will your groom wear.. What length of time will you be wearing your gown.. Are you going to be wearing your dress in different environments? Or will you just stay in one place. These factors will impact the type of dress you choose.

TIP #8 Show us who you really

Do not be tied to any idea of what a “bride” should look like. You should be yourself on your wedding day but make sure you look a little more glamorous. You don’t need to wear tight fitting clothes if you aren’t going to be wearing them in a million years. We can help you transform your everyday wardrobe into a serious style for big day.

Tip #9 It’s not just about the dress

These days, accessories are just as important as the gown when it comes to bridal outfits. Many brides now use their wedding dress as a base for creating the rest of their look.

You can do this by adding a variety of styling options from Charlie Brear, such as a cashmere cardigan and a chunky belt, or layering with jewellery. Accessories are the future. Make sure to invest in your accessories.

Tip # 10 Enjoy yourself

This will be your only chance to dress up on this scale, as we stated at the beginning. Enjoy the journey to becoming a wife. You can embrace your body, celebrate your style and highlight your personality by using this process.

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