Ten Time-Saving Tips for Wedding Planning


Ten Time-Saving Tips for Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding takes time. Lots of it. Many brides-to be find it difficult to fit wedding planning into their busy schedules.

There is a lot to do in the planning of your wedding, from researching vendors to communicating with your guests to tracking your budget. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours to do it all.

There are many time-saving strategies that can help you streamline your process and get those tasks done much faster.

Make a wedding website

It will consume a lot of your time to communicate with guests. It’s amazing how much time you spend answering emails, texts, and phone calls from your guests during the build up to your big day.

A wedding website can help you streamline the entire process from the beginning. You can create and send invitations with a click. All details and information are accessible to your guests via an easy-to-use online platform.

Planning a wedding is time-consuming. Your guests will be less likely to ask you questions if your website has all the answers.

Reduce Correspondence

Liaising with suppliers is another time-consuming part of wedding planning. It usually involves several emails back and forth, starting with the initial inquiry through to the planning, designing, and quoting stages. You may feel that you are spending too much time in your email inbox. Why not reduce this by being more intelligent with communication?

Instead of sending one email for every question or comment you have, send a longer, more detailed email with a list to your vendors. It’s a time-saving tip for your wedding suppliers, and they will appreciate the more organized communication.

When you are organising venue meetings for your suppliers, it is a good idea to schedule them all in one day. It is much easier to schedule multiple meetings in one day than it is to do them over several weeks. You should give enough notice to your suppliers so everyone can mark the same date on their calendars.

We have even prepared checklists of questions for your photographer, wedding planner, and celebrant so that you can be prepared with a printed copy for each meeting.

Utilise Wedding Directories

Without any strategy, researching wedding suppliers can take hours of Google-searching and Instagram-scrolling to find the right vendors.

Instead of going off on a wild goose chase, and possibly wasting precious planning time by doing so, why not use an all-inclusive directory for your wedding?

Wedding directories can be used to help you find the right florist, rental company or stationery artist.

You can browse vendors by category and location, and then get in touch with them right away. So you can start right away, we have compiled a list of the top bridal directories.

Automate your RSVP process

It can be very time-consuming to follow up on RSVPs, let alone trying to determine dietary requirements, meal preferences, and plus ones. This task can be automated, and it is completely automated!

You should consider a platform that allows you to automate RSVPs if you are going the website route. After you have sent your digital RSVPs, the automation system can take care of all the follow-ups for you, saving you time and phone calls.

Your guests are likely to appreciate the automated process, which saves them the hassle of going to the post office.

Assist with delegation wherever possible

Your decision to select your bridal party members probably came down largely to who you consider your closest and most supportive friends and family. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that is on your plate, don’t hesitate to delegate smaller tasks to your bridal team.

It is important to establish expectations early so that no one feels taken advantage of. However, it is likely that your bridal party will be more than happy and able to help where needed.

Even if you only have a few hours to get together with your bridal party to arrange flowers or stuff invitations, it can save the day.

Place your order online

Online shopping is something every girl can understand. Online shopping allows you to order many of the elements that you need for your wedding decor and have them shipped right to your home.

Consider the details such as guest favors, cake toppers and table numbers. Stationery, signage and paper are all important.

There are many creative and beautiful options for brides on Etsy and LENZO. This makes it simple to find decor within a matter of minutes.

Make a list of the decorations and styling materials that you will need for your big day. Then, see what you can do to get them sourced online. It’s amazing how easy it is to decorate your wedding using what’s already on the web!

Pin it to Get Inspiration

The most difficult task for brides-to-be is to define your wedding style. Pinterest makes this task easier. It allows you to gather inspiration, create mood boards, and put together a cohesive vision of your wedding day.

Another great way to save time is Pinterest. You don’t have to send long emails explaining your vision of your bouquet or table arrangements. Instead, direct your vendors to the appropriate Pinterest board.

This will not only save you time but it will also ensure everyone is on the same page regarding your styling preferences for the day.

Make a Checklist

Ask any event manager what their secret is and they will tell you the exact same thing: a checklist is vital!

Instead of spending hours looking through emails and making notes trying to find the next task, start planning now.

Step-by-step lists are the best way to stay on track, cut down on admin time, and make sure you don’t forget anything important!

An online platform can help you organize tasks. You will be reminded by our digital wedding planner to make sure you are on track for the important tasks.

A Wedding Planner to Hire

A wedding planner can help you save time and stress. You will need to plan your wedding in advance. The wedding planner will help you to organize your vision, coordinate with vendors, arrange quotes and invoices, create your run-sheet, and set up your venue.

A wedding planner can help you save hours as they will handle all your email communications and source products and other services for you.

Your planner will also be your go-to person for suppliers and venues. Your planner will be able to answer any last-minute questions, and can tie up any loose ends while you relax and enjoy the last weeks of your wedding planning!

Find Your Balance

It makes sense to find ways to save time when you consider the average wedding takes more than 100 hours to plan.

It’s crucial to strike the right balance between managing stress and overwhelm, from sourcing suppliers to organizing meetings and keeping on top of your to-do lists.

If you have the right strategies, it doesn’t have be so hard to juggle wedding planning and your daily life. These time-saving tips will make your wedding planning process much simpler.