Tips For Choosing Realistic Silk Flowers for Your Wedding


Modern floral arrangements have moved away from the plastic-looking faux blooms that were popular decades ago, such as polyester stems that appear cut by sharp scissors. Now there are high-end silk flowers that mimic real wedding blossoms for guests to experience an illusion-free wedding experience! Tianjin Handicrafts of blush Co., Ltd from this website is located within Tianjin’s internationally-recognized artificial wedding flowers manufacturing base. passion for flowers combined with over 20 years of expertise in all areas has allowed us to become a top local manufacturer and wholesaler.

Silk Flowers vs Latex Flowers

Those searching for high-quality artificial flowers should likely favor silk varieties. Most fake flowers are created using rayon-silk mixtures or latex and then printed and painted to appear lifelike; their materials allow us to incorporate tiny details such as veins and textures for the most realistic effect possible. Latex flowers offer more intricate veining patterns; however if budget constraints prevent that option then silk-rayon varieties may provide excellent value.

Luxe Blooms on a Budget

Flower prices depend on various factors, including their location, season, availability and rarity. Certain kinds of blooms are very costly for wedding flowers. Opting for silk peonies over their fresh counterpart can save money without compromising appearance or feel. Cherry blossoms calla lilies hydrangeas orchids or tulips can all make beautiful bouquets; faux may be better than fresh.

Faux Greenery

Another option to consider for wedding decor is adding faux greenery. From seeds-ed eucalyptus, or something with larger leaves, greenery sprays or garlands could add texture and add color. What’s great about greenery is that it works well with different color palettes – making sure it won’t go amiss at your event.

A Lasting Choice

A key draw of flower arrangements is their fleeting beauty. You may squeeze and hold onto your wedding flowers for years after they have faded, while artificial ones won’t! Silk, plastic and cotton bouquets alike can serve as mementos of your special day forever; while recycling, reselling or returning can earn back some of their initial costs; creative wedding vendors like Something Borrowed Blooms even offer silk floral arrangements exclusively!

Repurpose After the Big Day

Buying faux flowers for your wedding reception can easily become part of your home decor afterwards. Even if you lack green fingers, fake flowers offer the look and texture of real plants! Set one as a centerpiece on the table in your dining area to commemorate a memorable day; or disassemble them and put them on your coffee table as vibrant accent pieces to liven up any space!

Season-Proof Savings

Silk flower arrangements have the advantage of being non-seasonal savings solutions, making each type of bloom available throughout the year no matter your location in the world. Silk flowers offer the perfect solution to brides and anyone else in their bridal party who suffer from allergies. Due to flowers’ non-seasonal dependence, you can purchase them months in advance without worrying about unexpected issues requiring you to alter or cancel an order. Furthermore, placing early orders gives you the opportunity for discounts.

Avoid A Logistical Headache

Live flowers can be fragile, yet delicate elements of any wedding, making their delivery an unpredictable task for couples and event organizers. Fresh blooms may die or get damaged during transport and leave you with expensive blooms you cannot use for the celebration. Most live blooms are shipped across country to a wholesaler where florists collect them before arranging and delivering to wedding sites – fresh flowers require regular watering to stay looking lush and full.

Faux Floral Factors To Consider

Silk flowers offer more flexibility when it comes to budgeting and planning than real flowers, making your planning and budgeting much simpler in numerous ways. You have more choices for your wedding venue with vibrant blooms that never wilt. Silk blooms also come in an extensive array of colors and hues not found naturally – giving you more choices in terms of wedding colors such as burgundy, pink or yellow shades that won’t limit you as with fresh blossoms.

Assessing the Pros and Cons of Faux Wedding Flowers:


Fake flowers can be like plastic surgery; some results appear real and stunning while most appear fake and cheap. Craft store fakes usually utilize low-grade plastics that don’t make for appealing arrangements; these unpopular imitations of real blooms have their own stigma attached. There are however more realistic looking alternatives.

The most costly fake flowers are constructed of silk or other high-grade materials to look like real blooms, making them difficult to distinguish from real blossoms. You can purchase such faux blooms online retailers such as Etsy; however, just like plastic surgery it will incur costs.


The typical cost for fresh wedding flowers is around $1500; fake flowers can vary significantly in cost depending on their quality and quantity. Craft stores could save couples up to 50% when buying locally-sourced blooms; renting fakes through sites like Silk Stem Collective could save even more (up to 70% versus fresh!).


A romantic bouquet of roses can make the perfect finishing touch to a memorable wedding ceremony, for some it may remind them of that special day – while for others its sweet smell could cause them to become congested and sneez. Some couples love perfume while others don’t!


There’s no doubt about it; caring for fresh flowers can be stressful and time-consuming. They require moderate temperatures, constant supply of water, gentle handling and careful transporting to avoid becoming damaged or wilted. Transporting can be complex and time-consuming so we recommend paying the extra expense of having a professional florist set up and transport your fresh blooms; alternatively fake blooms require no such efforts and should make life much simpler!


Fake flowers make great keepsakes or can even be sold online as memories of a special day, while fresh ones only last a couple days before starting to fade.

Faux flowers are best suited to harsher environments such as outdoor events held during hotter temperatures or locations without air cooling systems, or celebrations where durability is of primary concern. When durability is an important component in your celebration, faux flowers should be an option you consider.


Fresh flowers do not always remain available all year-round. While this shouldn’t limit you, if a particular floral style appeals to you it is wise to be aware.

Environmental impact

Environmental Impact Both real and faux flowers offer pros and cons when considering their environmental impact. Fresh blooms are biodegradable, thus preventing their disposal to landfills full of garbage; on the other hand, fresh ones require large quantities of pesticides, water and energy use as well as international travel to reach consumers – less eco-friendly options might include using fake blooms then selling them back later if you prefer “greener” options. Talk with your florist about using fakes then selling them back once your experience is over!