The Most Popular “Nicki Minaj No Makeup”


This is the right place to be! Continue scrolling Nicki Minaj No Makeup is a household name. Most people know Nicki Minaj. Did you know she began her career as a backing singer for local New York rap artists? She worked hard to get up the ladder and be where she is today. At the beginning, she used MySpace to upload her music. This led to her being signed to a local record company. From there, she was discovered by Lil Wayne. Onika Tanya Makraj was Nicki Minaj, and she has never looked back. She is today the only female rapper to have made at least 44 appearances on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Her bold, provocative lyrics are what make her stand out. Her fashion choices are bold as well. She is a fan of bold makeup, bold wigs and risky clothing. People are becoming more curious about how Nicki Minaj looks without makeup. We will also show you the Nicki Minaj without makeup photo gallery. Check out these 27 Marilyn Manson photos without makeup. He is simply stunning, as you can see!

1. Nicki Minaj No Makeup Rehearsal

It’s rare to see Nicki Minaj naked. It is something you will always remember. Don’t forget about the beauty that is right in front of you. This is Nicki Minaj’s no-makeup look while she was practicing for the Philly Fourth of July Jam. She looks stunning, even though she is completely naked and in a tracksuit.

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2. Bathroom Selfie

Nicki is a huge fan of her eyeliner more than her wigs. Even if Nicki isn’t wearing makeup, it is likely that she will be using her favorite liner. This Nicki Minaj photo shows this exact situation. This was one of the few bathroom storage selfies she has ever taken, and it took the internet by storm. You can see her glowing, healthy skin in the close-up.

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3. Casual Day Out

Although her stage persona is bold and risky, Nicki Minaj dresses down when she’s on the stage. The paparazzi took this picture of Nicki Minaj, naked, as she sat at her hotel to practice for the Philly 4th of July jam and Grand Fireworks Finale. Nicki Minaj No Makeup Check out these 25 Cardi B photos without makeup that have gone viral on the internet

4. There is no make-up for fan meet

This Nicki Minaj photo without makeup is from when she fulfilled a childhood dream. She is naked, but she is still wearing her winged eyeliner.

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5. Another bathroom selfie

Another bathroom shower selfie that went viral on the internet. The Nicki without makeup selfie was a shocker. It showed how Nicki looks without makeup. It’s true that she looks very different without makeup. Isn’t that what is important? This Nicki Minaj photo without makeup showed her naked face. She isn’t even wearing her eyeliner.

6. You can pose without makeup

We said so. It’s impossible to keep her from using her eyeliner. Nicki Minaj is here without any makeup. The only makeup she is wearing is a bold, bare-faced liner. This is a Minaj signature style, and we love it.

7. Million Dollar Smile

Do you really need any other makeup when you have a beautiful smile such as Nicki? This is Nicki Minaj without makeup photo to show you just how beautiful she is. You don’t have to use makeup to make this woman look beautiful.

8. Pretty Face

Here’s another closeup of Nicki Minaj, without makeup. Well, except for some eye makeup. You can still see her natural glowing skin.

9. From The Selfie Archives

This is an old Nicki Minaj photo without makeup. This is her naked face in front of the camera. Every time Nicki’s no-makeup look is revealed, it breaks all internet records just like Anaconda, her 2014 hit single.

10. You can’t stop smiling

Nicki Minaj is a super talent and has been for a long time. At the age of 12, she wrote her first rap song. When she was in highschool, she played clarinet. Nicki is not only strong in vocals but she can also play the piano. She is married to Kenneth Petty and has a son. She is one the most successful rap artists in the world, and has received many awards. This beautiful smile is a sign that she has achieved everything she hoped for in life.

11. Car Selfie

The Nicki Minaj No Makeup photo is a car selfie that was taken by the singer. Her naked face makes her look stunning.

12. Close up, no make-up

Another close-up picture of Nicki, this time without makeup. She is wearing her trademark style of winged eyeliner. Her skin is also flawless. Take a look at her dimples, and tell us why you can’t just fall in love this beautiful face.

13. The One That Taken Internet By Storm

The internet went wild for this Nicki Minaj photo without makeup. People were drawn to her cute expression and the fact she wasn’t wearing makeup. Nicki’s no-makeup Nicki photo was taken at a time when her natural beauty was rarely displayed.

14. Thoughts on a Beach

The Nicki Minaj photo without makeup was taken when she wore a white bikini while on vacation in Mexico with Kenneth Petty. She looks calm and thoughtful here, but she was quite different when she judged American Idol 2013. Her blunt and uncompromising opinions were what made her a household name.

15. Chilling without Makeup

This Nicki photo without makeup is a deep dig from Instagram’s archives. It was taken as Nicki was enjoying a conversation with friends about the excitement of her upcoming album. Minaj appears relaxed and sexy as she lays back, without any makeup.

16. Nicki Minaj without Makeup

Did you know Nicki has also appeared in movies? You can find her in Barbershop: The Next Cut and The Other Woman. You can also see Nicki Minaj’s no makeup photo. Don’t forget to mention her love for winged eyeliner.

17. Mexico Holidays

Nicki Minaj is well-known for her risque, bold and colorful looks. You must have noticed her love for pink. Pink has always been an important part of her life, from her albums to her hairstyles. Let us tell you if you haven’t already. Pink is Nicki’s favorite color. She was also seen wearing a pink tracksuit while vacationing in Mexico, makeup-free.

18. From the Old Days

This is Nicki Minaj’s first ever no-makeup photo. She could do a flawless no-makeup look even back then. She is indeed beautiful.

19. Vacation Vibes

Nicki Minaj is truly stunning and can look flawless even without any makeup. This Nicki Minaj photo without makeup is proof of that. This was taken on holiday by Nicki Minaj, who relaxed at the beach and took this selfie with her naked face.

20. Take a look at this ring

Nicki Minaj will be on vacation without any makeup. This vacation was unique because she wore no makeup and had a huge ring on her finger. Rumours of her engagement rings and possibly a wedding have been circulating